Precision Race now has a new home in St Louis. To introduce ourselves to the St Louis running & cycling event organizers, we are offering a limited time DISCOUNT on race timing in the St Louis area. Invite us to help raise the bar on your event!


If you are interested in bringing your event participants the premium Precision Race experience, contact us via the contact form on this website.  After an initial discussion, we can provide a proposal including a statement of work and pricing.

If you choose to proceed based on our proposal, Precision Race will send a race services contract via the secure DocuSign website.  



We recommend the ItsYourRace online registration system to all of the events we work with.  ItsYourRace, which is developed by Innovative Timing Systems in St. Louis.  It was developed from the ground-up to interface directly to our Jaguar timing system, providing an integrated, full-featured registration, fundraising, timing, and results platform that we feel is unparalleled in the timing industry.  ItsYourRace includes a customizable web page for your event and the ItsYourRace mobile app that can give participants and spectators access to everything they need to know about your race right at their fingertips.

If you choose ItsYourRace for online regsitration, we will send you a registration quesionnaire to fill out and return to us with your race logo.  We will then set up online registration and the ItsYourRace mobile for you! 

ItsYourRace also allows you to manage both registration and fundraising on a single integrated platform.

One of the best reasons to use ItsYourRace is that it allows us to keep online registration open longer as it interfaces directly with our timing system.  Rather than having to close registration 1-3 days before your event (right when a lot of people are deciding to register), we can keep online registration open until the day before the race - or even all the way up to the race start time!



Regardless of which registration system you use, it is critical for us to have direct access to download registration data as needed.  This allows us to prepare more efficiently for your race.  If you choose to use a registration platform other than ItsYourRace, we strongly recommend that you provide us with permissions necessary to download registration data.

We will attend your advanced check-in the day before the race (unless specified otherwise in your contract) and help train and organize your packet pickup volunteers.  They will then know what to do on race day.  We will bring labeled race bibs in our custom-designed bib distribution boxes for all of your pre-registered participants and additional unassigned bibs for onsite registrations.  

On race day we are completely self-contained for race timing and results.  We bring the complete finish line truss/arch, tents for timing and results kiosk, and all the ancillary equipment we need (e.g. generators, tents, tables, cables, etc.)  Note that we do not provide any equipment or supplies for registration/check-in, PA, course, etc unless you specifically contract with us for these items.



Races are typically held as scheduled regardless of weather.  When you contract with Precision Race, we are reserving the date and resources for your event, and may have to turn away other events for that date/time.  

If you cancel, we may or may not be able to schedule another event for that date depending on how far ahead you make the decision.  We may also have expended resources and effort on your race.  We, therefore, have the following cancellation policy which applies to all events (unless modified in your specific contract):

In the event that the Race Organization cancels the event or our contract for any reason, the Race Organization agrees to pay Precision Race per the following schedule:

·      At least 30 days prior to the race date:

  • Fixed Fee: 50% payable

  • Per-Participant Fees: No payment due

  • Other authorized expenses: 100% payable

·      Greater than 48 hours but less than 30 days of race start:

  • Fixed Fee: 100% payable

  • Per-Participant Fees: 50% payable based on total registrations at time of notice of cancellation.

  • Other authorized expenses: 100% payable

·      Within 48 hours of race start:

  • Fixed Fee: 100% payable

  • Per-Participant Fees: 85% payable based on total registrations at time of notice of cancellation.

  • Other authorized expenses: 100% payable

In the event that Precision Race cancels the event for any reason, Precision Race agrees to:

  • Fixed Fee: Full refund of Fixed Fees paid by Race Organization.

  • Other fees and expenses: Refund of any unexpended funds paid out to Precision Race from the Race Organization and return of any goods purchased on behalf of the Race Organization